To offer any IBP qualification, you will need to obtain centre approval followed by qualification approval.
Although rigorous, our regulatory process follows a straightforward quality assurance route to deliver our qualifications. We assess that you have the staff expertise, sufficient resources and premises to meet these requirements. We have streamlined our timescale for centre approvals with the introduction of an initial online application process.
For more information please review the approval process below

Approval Visit
Once you apply for approval as IBP Centre, you will be visited by one of our representatives. This is a cooperative exercise that takes the form of an extended exchange of information. The aim of the visit is to gather information and evidence of your organisation’s attitudes and approach to the management of an IBP approved centre.
Once you are an Approved IBP Centre, you can be assured of responsive service for you and your learners, innovative learning solutions and the highest standards of quality and credibility

Become an IBP Approved Learning Centre

When you become an Approved Learning Centre, you receive many benefits, including:
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